Some Threats You See.
Some You Don’t.
We Stop Both.

Start-Security can provide a powerful security solution to protect businesses from malware. With the Votiro Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction engine, Start-Security can help ensure that no malicious executable content is present in emails, making it impossible for malware to enter the system. The engine uses zero-trust content security so that no emails are stored, ensuring complete privacy.

This makes it incredibly effective in guarding against malicious activity in emails, as any malicious content is removed before it can enter the system. Start-Security can help protect businesses from malicious emails in all the ways they are sent, meaning that companies have complete peace of mind knowing that their emails are safe with Start-Security.

Start-Security is a partner of Votiro and help you connect into your existing security or technology stack – including applications and cloud storage – without interruption.

Secure remote & hybrid work environments

Deliver safe files quickly at a high volume to users. Reduce false positive alerts and demands on the IT and security team.

Secure digital interactions

Apply zero trust to your web app migration to the cloud, automated file processing, or application-to-application file transfer processes.

Secure third party collaboration

Enable high-volume acceptance of safe files from the public and untrusted sources to keep business flowing and to reduce third-party risk.

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